When was C&C’s initial public offering?

C&C Energia Ltd.’s initial public offering closed on May 25, 2010, with trading beginning on the Toronto Stock Exchange on that date. 

What is C&C’s ticker symbol and where is it listed?

C&C’s common stock is traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “CZE”. 

Who is C&C’s transfer agent?

Valiant Trust Company
310, 606 4th Avenue S.W.
Calgary, AB
T2P 1T1
(403) 781-8000

How can I invest in C&C?

You can purchase shares of CZE through a brokerage firm of your choice. 

What is C&C’s dividend policy?

C&C has not paid any to date. The payment of dividends in the future will be dependent on C&C’s earnings, financial condition and such other factors as the board of directors considers appropriate. 

What year was C&C incorporated and in what jurisdiction?

C&C was incorporated in February, 2005 in the province of Alberta, Canada. 

When is C&C’s fiscal year-end?

Fiscal year end is December 31.

When is the annual general meeting of shareholders?

C&C first annual general meeting of shareholders is scheuled for May 11, 2011, in the Westwinds Meeting Room - 2nd floor - 555 - 4th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB, T2P 3E7 from 10:00am to 12:00pm (MST).

How many employees does C&C have?

C&C has about 53 employees, 45 in Bogota, Colombia and 8 in the corporate office in Calgary, Canada.

Where is C&C’s corporate office?

C&C’s corporate headquarters is located at Suite 1250, 555 - 4th Avenue S.W., Calgary, AB T2P 3E7.
The Bogota office is located at Cra.4a N°72-35 P.8, Bogota, Colombia

Who are C&C’s auditors?

Deloitte & Touche, L.L.P Calgary, AB 

How can I get a copy of the annual report?

C&C expects to file its first annual report in May 2011. When it is available, you can request printed copies of it by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How can I get a copy of the materials filed with SEDAR?

C&C’s SEDAR filings are available under C&C’s profile on the SEDAR website at www.sedar.com.

How can I be notified when new information about C&C becomes available? 

You can subscribe to C&C’s distribution system at the contact us tab. The system provides various notification options regarding information on the company’s operations and financial performance. 


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