During my high school years, I always felt that I was unfocused. I didn’t enjoy the generic classes such as math and english. They never entertained my main interests such as building and creating new things. It wasn’t until my junior year that I discovered a career path that would fit my needs. I ended up joining a shop class, which introduced me to a range of building technology. I also took a great science class that introduce me to energy technology.


Building technology includes a variety of advanced tools, such as a miter saw, but also the process of architecture building. I was able to learn the process of architectural design and then translate how to take what was on the blueprint and build it. The best compound miter saw was one of the first tools that I ever got to use in shop class. They let me make perfect cuts and angles when cutting wood. My teacher introduced us to several types of miter saws so that we could see the difference and mechanics of each one. Learning the different tools and their abilities held further my understand of the architecture building process. From print to reality, I got to understand how to create something in my head and how I would approach it.


My science class introduced me to the world of energy technology. From solar, wind, and other types of power, I got to learn different natural sources could be transferred into energy. Energy technology includes items like solar panels, which collect the rays of the sun and are able to transfer them into energy. I learned that places were able to pay citizens who installed their own solar panels for collecting more energy they used. The excess energy went to lowering other people’s electric bills. Wind power collects wind, geothermal uses heat, and there are even more!


Together, I began to imagine working with both energy and building technology. This could involve designing local parks to collect energy through solar panel bike paths. My dream is to create new and unique ways for architecture to work alongside energy technology. All of this is a matter of understand the concepts of each and then being able to combine the two to create something new. This may mean designing buildings with wind turbines built into the design. Then, the next step would be understanding the tools needed to create the design and produce successful results.



I never thought I would find something to be passionate about, not when regular school classes always seemed to bore me. Realizing that creating more efficient and creative buildings or structures is all about taking your passions and putting them together. I was able to think creatively outside the box while using my experience. I continued to study energy and building technologies throughout school, and have now found a career that lets me continue to work on my skill sets and interests to build better energy technologies.

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