While it is not necessary to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars, and equip your garage to suit a mechanic, there are some car repair tools that everyone should have on hand to perform basic car maintenance. 


Every person should keep a spare tire, car jack, and car jack stands handy.  The biggest reason to keep a spare tire, car jack, and car jack stands handy is you never know when you are going to get a flat tire.  Getting a flat tire is not something anyone enjoys, but unfortunately it does happen from time to time.  In addition to changing a spare tire, a good floor jack, and car jack stands can also be used; and are oftentimes needed to work on any project in which something under the car must be worked on.  Unless you can levitate the car yourself to get under it, you will need to have a car jack and car jack stands handy. 


Wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, and hammers are all some very essential tools that are often very affordable. Just about every car repair, or car maintenance issue you have will involve the use of one or more of these tools.  Cars aside, most people have these tools handy for home repairs.  But they are also essential to car repairs.  Just be sure you have the type of tool you have corresponds with your car. 


Headlamps or flashlights are also something everyone must possess.  In addition to owning these for power outages, or having to go outside in the dark, they are essential when performing car repairs and maintenance.  Even during a completely sunny day, there are some places in or on a car (particularly in the hood, and under the car) that you still won't be able to see.  When it comes to car repairs and maintenance, guessing is a no-no.  This is where a flashlight or headlamp can save the day.


A pry bar is another key item to have on hand when it comes to car maintenance and repairs.  Unless you have supernatural strength, some items are just too hard to pry apart.  This is where the pry bar enters.  It can also come in handy with items that would normally be easy to take apart.....except for the fact that they've become very attached over hundreds, or even thousands of miles of car usage.


A rubber mallet is another great car tool to have handy.  This is used mostly for car repairs, and not much for car maintenance.  A rubber mallet comes in handy when you are trying to smooth something out on the car, typically on the surface.  Think of a rubber mallet as a soft hammer.  If you use a hammer to try to smooth out the surface of your car, well  you're just going to create even more dents and holes.  A rubber mallet is a bit more graceful however, and won't leave the mess that a hammer will. 



There are about a million other car tools that would be good to have handy, but these are just a few of the more affordable necessities.  

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